Are you too old for the LASIK procedure?

Too Old for LASIK? Think Again.

A frequently asked question about LASIK eye surgery is whether seniors qualify for this procedure. The good news is that they often do qualify LASIK age | Northern Vision Eye Careand have amazing results. To determine if you are eligible, you should have a stable vision prescription, healthy eyes with no eye diseases, and be in good overall health. As we age, our eyes and visual needs change, and we may need surgery to help us improve our vision.

There’s No Age Limit For LASIK Surgery.

In order to be a surgical candidate for LASIK eye surgery, it is required for you to be at least eighteen years old, which is the age requirement per the FDA. Our eyes and corresponding eye prescription may change frequently at a young age because our eyes are still developing. Therefore, it’s suggested that you wait until you are an adult to get laser eye surgery because your vision will have stabilized by then.

Eye Health Changes Throughout Our Lifespan.

In our lifespan, we will pass through several developmental milestones. This often motivates people to consider laser eye surgery, especially during early adulthood. Here are some facts about eye health and the reasons that many people choose laser eye surgery:

The majority of LASIK patients are between 20 – 45 years old, and vision prescriptions often stabilize in the mid-twenties. Therefore, this is a natural time for people to start thinking about eye surgery.

For those in the 45 – 55 age group, they begin to notice the early effects of presbyopia. Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process and can cause difficulty with near vision. Some people may need some readers to read the fine print, which may be a good reason to consider LASIK.
Once a person is beyond 55 years of age (sometimes sooner), they may begin to develop cataracts. During the early stages of cataracts, vision may not be affected much.

Are You Ready For LASIK Surgery? What’s Next?

The basics requirements needed to be considered for LASIK candidacy is a year minimum of a stable vision prescription, healthy eyes with no eye diseases, and good overall health. If you qualify in those three areas, then your potential to be a LASIK candidate is high.

It’s important to note that good overall health doesn’t mean perfect health. Not all health issues impact the eyes, which is especially true for seniors. Therefore, consulting with a LASIK specialist is the best way to discover if laser eye surgery is the right option for your vision needs.

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